Picture of the Health Technology Centre office

Picture of the Health Technology Centre office


We have fantastic news to share – Johner Institute New Zealand has a brand new office! Here is our new address:

Johner Institute New Zealand ltd.
2 Worcester Boulevard
Engineering Building, Level 1
Christchurch, 8013
New ZealandPicture of the Health Technology Centre office

We’re thrilled about this move because it brings new opportunities to better serve our clients and collaborate more effectively with health tech innovators.

A Hub of Innovation: The Health Technology Centre

Our new home is the dynamic Health Technology Centre, vibrant and innovative hub nestled within Christchurch’s Arts Centre. Being in the midst of this innovative environment means we’re now more closely connected with a cluster of health technology companies, fostering a richer exchange of ideas and advancements.

This strategic move not only enhances our capabilities but also opens up wider avenues of collaboration. It allows us to bring you the very best in medical technology, offering more comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge advice.

Johner Institute New Zealand Office

Experiencing Heritage in a Modern Setting

Our new office is located in the historic Engineering Building, part of the Health Technology Centre. This building, though steeped in history, offers a modern, sophisticated workspace that aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and quality.

The office spaces are bright, spacious, and thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and productivity. The modern heating, lighting, and connectivity provisions ensure a comfortable and efficient workspace for all.

One of the standout features is the contemporary glass bridge, completed in 2023 for the Health Technology Centre. Designed by the esteemed firm, Warren and Mahoney, it’s inspired by the well-known painting, Cass, by Rita Angus – a fitting symbol of the harmony between art, history, and innovation at our new location.


We can’t wait to welcome you at our new office – a space where history, technology, and forward-thinking converge, creating an invigorating environment that we are sure will inspire our continued work in medical technology.

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